Misfit is a boutique digital agency, which specializes in designing handcrafted web and mobile experiences and campaigns that actually matter. We are not hired guns and only work with a small number of partners that align directly with our ethos as an organization. The industries that we focus in are travel and tourism, sustainability, innovation technology and the third sector.

Did you know?

Misfit has engineered over 1.2 million lines of code.

Misfit invests 20% of all commercial client fees into doing pro-bono design and campaign work for small socially focused organizations that are changing the world.

Misfit was originally founded as a theatre company that went bankrupt.

Misfit is an artisan technology incubator, where we partner with social entrepreneurs to launch simple solutions that make the world a more delightful place.

Did you know?

Misfit won a Skoll Foundation social entrepreneur grant to build a mobile application to empower urban mobility for the disabled community.

Misfit’s first internal startup, Twitgift, won an innovation grant from the State of North Dakota, and counts Citrix as one of it’s largest clients.

Misfit developed it’s own Wordpress Framework, and is currently developing the most beautiful theme on Al Gore’s internet.

Misfit is a deliberately small, handcrafted annual event in Fargo (yes, you read that right) that is exclusively designed for rabble-rousers, troublemakers and general riff-raff. It is an experience that centers around a mixture of inspiring and tactical talks given by some of the galaxy’s most brilliant minds, but it is wrapped in film, art, music, performance and culinary thoughtfulness.

Did You Know?

Misfit Con is by application only, doesn’t advertise its speakers and doesn’t live stream or record any presentation.

AJ’s favorite city on the planet is Fargo, North Dakota.

The attendee to speaker ratio at Misfit Con is roughly 7:1.

22 States and 8 countries have been represented at Misfit Con.

Attendees have included Designers, Novelists, Farmers, Lawyers, Developers, CMO’s, Beekeepers, Venture Capitalists and a Blacksmith from Western Ireland.

Speakers have included Emmanuel Jal, Jason SurfrApp, Dr. Michael Strand, The Minimalists, Jon Nuram, Colin Wright, Srini Rao, Amos Kennedy, Jonathan Fields, Doug Burgum, Pam Slim, CC Chapman, Clay Hebert, Erik Proulx and some weirdo named AJ something.

Misfit is a foundation that works to solve one tangible issue in the world at a time. We train digital storytellers in rural communities to connect donors directly with the people they serve. www.themisfitfoundation.org

Did you know?

The Misfit Foundation founded a medical fund that provides life improving supplements and medications to orphans, widows and individuals who are terminally ill living in rural villages in the Isiolo Region of Northern Kenya.

Over the past four years, Misfit has helped raise over $6,000,000 for water, education, microfinance and health and wellness programs that have directly benefited communities across the world.

By the end of 2015, Misfit will have worked to train digital storytellers in rural villages on the ground in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, India, Senegal and Mozambique.

Misfit is a craft publishing house which produces limited edition artisan printed books, as well as digital and web-based publications for literary and artsy misfits around the world. www.misfitpress.co Browse our publications here: misfit.co/shop

Did you know?

Misfit produces two creative arts magazines, which are sold in retail shops in Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and all over the United States.

Misfit’s first publishing-related Kickstarter was funded in less than 3 hours.

Misfit‘s Ministry of Arts & Culture works directly with cultural organizations, museums and academic institutions all over the world to develop digital projects that enhance public access to literature, film, performance and public art.

Did you know?

Three Misfit Art & Culture projects have been funded by The Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Misfit has launched more Shakespeare-related digital projects than any other outfit in the world.

Misfit launched a public artworks program in Fargo turning an advertising billboard on Broadway into a canvas for local artists.

Misfit is founding the The North Dakota Shakespeare Festival.

Before Misfit, AJ worked as an actor, director and producer, Melissa adapted Romeo and Juliet into a children’s play, and Jessie made her stage debut (to great critical acclaim) as Cinderella...at aged 7 and has performed in countless shows as a dancer.


We believe in working on projects that actually matter with people we truly love.

We believe in measuring our success not by the amount of wealth or fame we accrue, but by the difference we make on this planet while we inhabit it.

We believe that adventure and travel are virtues that help people become more empathic humans.

We believe that sitting in a cubicle all day is a form of modern day torture.

We believe that great art and music and books and film and food are indelible ingredients in the weekly fabric of any true Creative.

We believe that average is a choice.

We believe the Millennial penchant for transience is not as attractive as the postwar generation’s predilection for loyalty and commitment.

We believe in Fargo.

We believe in Six Week Paid Vacation policies.

We believe that technology can change the world, but shouldn’t be present at dinner tables.

We believe in giving far more than you receive.

We believe that working ferociously and living flamboyantly are not mutually exclusive.

We believe that random acts of kindness are preferable to automated tidings from auto-responders.

We believe that people care about provenance.

We believe that employees should be able to work when and where and how they damn well please.

We believe in returning from whence you came.

We believe in early morning strategy calls, mid-afternoon strolls in the sunshine and late evening bourbon nightcaps fueled by conversations about socialism, post-war Germany, ambient electronica and the true origins of fudge.

We believe in professionalism everywhere and at all times ... except in the workplace.

We believe that working lunches are a sin.

We believe in latte art on our morning coffee, sea salt on our chocolate chip cookies and that love should be baked into every line we code, every pixel we push, every sentence we craft, every frame we shoot and every strategy we devise. And we believe you’re smart enough to notice.

Above everything we do professionally, creatively or philanthropically, our most important work is leading a community of tens of thousands of misfits around the world, who are hell bent on changing the world. One of our core missions is to develop new ways to connect these remarkable individuals, not with our work, but with each other’s. We do this by hosting events, facilitating forums and individually connecting misfits across the planet.